Range Extender

GenSmart Range Extender- the next evolutionary step for quad copters.

If you own a quad-copter, you know it’s essential to find a balance between payload weight and batteries in order to maximize your flight time. Up until now, flight time was restricted by current battery technology.

Chemical fuel has always been significantly more energy dense than battery technology. For every gram of chemical fuel, you can get 2 to 10 times more energy than you can per gram of battery. GenSmart is the first to ever create a hybrid approach to solving the current limitation of flight time.

Gensmart makes the world’s lightest generator, and we have applied that technology and developed a range extender for the quad-copter market. GenSmart burns chemical fuel in flight to run our generator, charge batteries, or to provide power during flight. The energy density of our generator with fuel is anywhere from 2 to 4 times that of current battery technology. With our range extender, you can easily exceed flight times of 1hr with payload in excess 1 to 2 Kg. You can also start and stop the engine mid-flight, so if you need to minimize noise during your flight, you can.

Using chemical fuel to power your quad-copter also eliminates downtime. You can refuel and be back in the air within minutes, whereas charging batteries can take hours.

Some Images of our Hybrid Drone


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